How do you prove fault after an accident?

30 December 2015
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If you were recently in a vehicle accident, you may need to prove that you were not at fault. This allows you to file a lawsuit against the other person for bodily injuries or damages to your vehicle. Here are some tips for proving fault, or in this case no fault on your part, as a result of the auto accident. Get a Police Report Not all accidents require having a police report filed, but if you were injured or it was a severe accident, you should definitely request a report. Read More 

What Not to Do After a Car Accident

14 December 2015
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Car accidents – they are a very unfortunate part of life for people on the road all over Australia. For some drivers, they can be completely unavoidable – just a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. However, in other situations, where inattentiveness or speeding is involved, issues may arise. Regardless of the cause, it will be essential to file motor vehicle accident claims to recoup the damages that occurred. Read More 

Juvenile law | Must-know info when your child commits a crime

11 November 2015
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All parents want the best for their child and most of them keep the child from doing any risky practices. However, you may be surprised to hear that your child is involved in crime. Preparing yourself for this is very monumental, whether the accusation is true or false. Juvenile laws are not the same as adult laws, and your child will undergo procedures that an adult wouldn't. For you to be better informed, here's a compiled list of things you need to know. Read More 

Want to Change Your Divorce Agreement? Five Cases Where That May Be Possible

27 October 2015
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When you get divorced, it can be easy to make hasty or emotional decisions. If you agree to a property split or a custody arrangement and then later regret your decision, you may be able to change it, but change is not always possible. To guide you, here are five situations in which you may be able to change your divorce agreement: 1. You may be able to apply for maintenance or property division if your divorce has been final for less than a year. Read More 

What Are the Pros and Cons of Pleading Guilty?

22 September 2015
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Being arrested and charged with a criminal offence imposes very heavy responsibilities upon defendants. One such responsibility is the decision as to whether you should plead guilty or go to trial. This article discusses some of the benefits and shortcomings of pleading guilty when you are facing criminal charges. The Pros It results in a speedy end to proceedings. A criminal trial can be a lengthy process that can drag on for several months or even years. Read More