3 Instances When You Will Need a Family Lawyer

9 August 2021
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Family life is complex. People get into marriages and start raising children together, hoping they will maintain a cordial relationship and grow old together. However, many things can happen along the way, leading to changes. When changes happen in the family setup, some members struggle to adapt more than others, creating conflict. It is advisable to hire a family lawyer to help mediate in these situations. Here are three instances where a solicitor will come in handy.

Dealing With Domestic Violence

Sadly, violence still affects a significant percentage of people in their marriages. Violence could be physical or verbal. You should never tolerate any hitting, shouting, and emotional manipulation that harms the well-being of another person should never. The challenge with violent cases is that most physically violent people are also very emotionally manipulative. Therefore, you might have a hard time managing them without a lawyer's guidance. The lawyer will start by getting you out of the abusive situation to a safe place. After that, they will file a complaint and even get a restraining order. Next, they will get the judge to place the children in your custody. Finally, when you are safe, you can start the divorce proceedings.

Handling Custody Battles

Another complicated process is separating from your spouse. The process is even more challenging when you have children because you have to decide how much time each of the parents will be spending with the child. In addition, the arrangement might get complicated when the dynamic between the partner's changes. If you have had a nasty divorce, your partner is likely to pursue the custody relentlessly and in a way that hurts you and probably, even the children. However, when you have a competent family lawyer working with you, it gets easier to manage the custody battles and arrive at the solution that is in the children's best interests.

When Getting Into a Blended Family

The family setup has changed a lot over the past few decades. As a result, the laws that govern interpersonal relations in the family have also had to change. For example, when you marry a woman with children from a previous marriage, you have to rethink your will, custody arrangements with their former spouse and other related issues. A lawyer will help you plan for the changes ahead of time.

These are cases where the services of a competent family lawyer will come in handy. Get a competent one to handle all your family problems for the best results.